4 Recommendation Foods For Your Family Time

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Danisa traditional butter cookies

Family time is the most precious time for you who want to enjoy the togetherness with the kids and loved one. Most people need this time, especially to those who have been away for many months or years so that it is important to save the date for the sake of togetherness with family. To enjoy the time, some foods such as Danisa traditional butter cookies are supposed to be in the family room.

When you do not find Danisa traditional butter cookies as the best food to serve during the family time, you can take other options so that you can still enjoy the togetherness. It is said that there are so many foods out there that you can take into consideration as you want to share the stories and memories with some foods in your hand.

1. Homemade popcorn

One of the best foods to serve during your family time is the delicious homemade popcorn. This food can substitute Danisa traditional butter cookies since it is easy to make. With the help of kernels in your kitchen, you can add some salt then the popcorn is ready to serve.

2. Cheese and fruit kabobs

Your kids surely like cheese and fruit kabobs as the substitute of Danisa traditional butter cookies when they are enjoying the precious time. Here, you can combine some fruits such as pineapple, apple, cherry, strawberry and some slices of cheese in between. Then, stick it into wooden stick before they are served.

3. Granola bars

If you really want to serve the healthy foods as you enjoy the family time, you can choose granola bars since it is known as the nutritious food. It is said that granola bar contains of vitamin, fiber and many more. Add some homemade frosting on the top to create difference in taste.

4. Peanut butter toast

When you do not have any idea to serve during the family time, you can purchase Danisa traditional butter cookies or make some easy peanut butter toast. What you need to do is to add some peanut butter on the bread then toast for some seconds.

Apart from Danisa traditional butter cookies, you can still enjoy the family time with those mentioned foods above. With Royal Danisa, you can taste the delicious foods made of selected ingredients, so that your family time will be more enjoyable with beautiful stories and memories.

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