Food Combaining for Diet

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Being healthy is not only come from what we do but also from what we eat. Yes, you can be healthy if you exersice regularly everyday but it will be nothing if you still eat unhealthy food such as junk food or food that contains too much fat, sugar or cholesterol. So it’s a must for you to have concerned with what you eat, moreover if you’re on diet to lose weight. You should choose your food carefully and seriously to succesfuly get weight you dreamed of.

For you whom on diet or trying to maintain your current weight, you can try food combaining. Food combining is one of diet method based on the fact that our body digests different types of food with different enzyme, such as proteins digested by pepsin enzyme and carbohydrate digested by amylase enzyme. So that’s way, its better for you to not mix foods that rich ini carbohydrate like rice with foods that rich in protein such as egg in the same meal menu. Because when we eat a variety of foods, the body will be confused to prioritize which nutrients that should be digested first. With food combaining, it will help smooth your digestive system.

To doing food combaining, you should set a healthy food menu plan. You can write it down your menu plan for 10 days. But before that, you should know the do’s and dont’s when you’re on food combaining program. So here the list:


  • Drink juice or any drinking water with no sugar
  • Replace snack with fruit or healthy nuts such as almond or edamame
  • Eat more fruit
  • Grouping food according to their nutrients content
  • Drink more water
  • Consume fresh and natural food
  • Consumption of food combinations follows the natural cycle of body metabolism


  • Do not drink milk
  • Do not mix fruit with any other type of food
  • Do not eat an instant or preserved food

So, ready to do food combaining for your body?

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